Dee Rangers – Down In The Playground (CD)

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We know you gonna love this album! It’s simple and plain rock with fast, short songs with great hooks and choruses!

Stockholm’s finest garage kings have recorded the two last albums in Spain, but this time the band decided to record the new album here, in Stockholm, in their own studio, and the result is better than ever!

The album is recorded by Måns Månsson (Crimson Shadows, The Maggots) and it might be their poppiest album, but it also includes some of the tuffest tracks they ever recorded.

This is a 14-track album filled with uptempo powerpop, tuff garage with fuzz guitars, and what do you say about that supercool organ-dominated instrumental?

Released 2011 by Suckers Choice.

1. Looking For My Baby
2. Listen To Me
3. Couldn’t Love
4. Please Be Mine
5. No Reason
6. Fell In Love
7. Powerslam III
8. Tell Me Again
9. Stand-In
10. You’ll Be Mine
11. Upside Down
12. She’s Gone
13. First I Look At The Purse
14. Top Of The World