LiveFastDie – Bandana Thrash Records (CD)

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New album out on Deadbeat Records.

Musically LiveFastDie aren’t breakin any new ground, but that certainly doesn’t detracting from the fact that ‘Bandana Thrash Record’ is a great album. Ya the GG and the Jabbers comparisons are well deserved. Primarily because the songs are delivered with an air of big city sleeze through Camero’s vox that bare an earie resemblance to a young GG in his prime. Also many of the lyrical themes revolve around the four topics that made GG a legend. Namely sex, power, being a fuck up and gettin fucked up. But this definately ain’t no Jabber nostaligia trip. You can also hear bits and pieces of other great bands like the Pagans, Lewd, Ramones and Mentors on this album!

The vinyl version has a bonus track.

For Fans of: the Pagans, Carbonas, Reatards, GG Allin, Tokyo Electron, Candy Snatchers, Throbbin Urges, TKO’s, Buttercups, Feelers, Dwarves, Kajun SS, Baseball Furies, RAMONES, Dutch Masters etc.