Les Terribles – Ils Sont Formidables! (CD)

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Ready for an amazing 60’s dance party? Well, don’t forget to bring this platter to the DJ! This band from Paris, France plays an incredible mix of 60’s garage-punk & GoGo Beat and now finally returns with their second longplayer ‘Ils sont formidables!’. The band that includes members of THE NO TALENTS, LES SYNAPSES, DUTRONC, CECILIA UND DIE SAUERKRAUTS & OPERATION S goes back to the sound of the French Beat & Roll when it was bitten by the Big Bad British Bug back in 1965. Imagine how THEM, THE SMALL FACES, THE YARDBIRDS or the early STONES would’ve sound if they were from France, never turned professionals and Van Morrison, Keith Relf or Mike Jagger were chicks.

All the songs are in French, with that glamorous ‘mademoiselle’ accent! The band could’ve been described best as the great french sixties rock band that should have existed but never did. Owing to cultural impediments and lame business practices, there were very few outstanding french rockers from that period. Ronnie Bird, Larry Greco, and a dozen others you’ve never heard of: LES TERRIBLES cover them all, and every song makes you wanna dance. The band rounds out their set with some originals, as well as their own french versions of some great foreign songs that never got adapted before, all done with a perfect ear for the style. Fronted by the charming and talented chanteuse Rudie this hard-working orchestre delivers the groove that gets the dance floor moving to the Swim, the Jerk, and the Hully-Gully. Les Terribles are sur scene ! ((Jon Dragueur) A Top 10 forever-must have this one is. What more can we tell you?

14 tracks, released by Screaming Apple Records.