Disguster / Hitchhikers – Split (CD)

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Finally! The Long-awaited and long-delayed release is finished! This is a really kool record. Alternating songs between the two bands, it’s a hell of a ride.
Disguster is fueled by great guitars and weirdo vocals. KC (the singer) is just plain creepy. They share Jorge (drummer extraordinaire) with Hitchhikers, and thus, the hair-brained scheme for a split cd was hatched.
Hitchhikers is Mitch “Trucker” Cartwright’s (Humpers) new band. Excellent songs, superior production, Mitch’s vox and his plaiyng make this fucker a definite rocker! Reminds you of the mighty Humpers, but definitely new and different.
All in all this is one fuck of a good split! Entertaining in every way with artwork by Mr. Bratto of Los Ass Draggers fame.

1. Secret Shame (Disguster)
2. I Got Mine (Hitchhikers)
3. Off Your Feet (Disguster)
4. The New Son (Hitchhikers)
5. Women (Disguster)
6. Hell’s Half Acre (Hitchhikers)
7. Free Pie (Disguster)
8. Neckbone Stomp (Hitchhikers)
9. I Deserve It (Disguster)
10. Let’s Walk (Hitchhikers)
11. Real Doll (Disguster)
12. Ridin’ into the Sun (Hitchhikers)
13. Follow Me to Hell (Disguster)
14. Creole Baby (Hitchhikers)
15. No More (Disguster)
16. Too Many Days (Hitchhikers)

Released on Zodiac Killer Records.