Mark & The Spies – S/T (CD)

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In times where the packaging, the number of different color pressings, the most limited circulation and the crapiest sound seems to be more important than the ability to write a great, simple and dead catchy tune, MARK & THE SPIES enter the scene to prove all you self-appointed rock’n’roll experts wrong, with their awesome blend of pure crystalline 60’s pop and classic garage-beat.

MARK & THE SPIES, these new sixties beat hitmakers, hailing from a damned little village called Veenendaal in the Netherlands. They started out as a rock’n’roll trio, only having a few vocal songs, but mostly instrumental Link Wray kinda stuff. After some gigs they broke up, reunited and broke up again. After that Mark (bass/vocals) and Arjan (guitar/vocals) started writing songs of their own. They found themselves a new drummer (Gerrit), a keyboard/saxophone player (Jelle) and things got finally pushed in the right direction. At the beginning of 2007 their first official release saw the light of day, a 7” EP on the Spanish label Butterfly Records and people all around the globe immediately started to rave about it.

“Their tunes will stick in your brain…FOREVER!!!” – Lutz, Soundflat Mailorder

“Doing a pure ’60’s pop punk confection through a Vox Tonebender so perfect that Barry Tashian would be proud (and pissed)…” – Cavestomp

Because of their enthusiasm, energetic live performances and irresistible charms, these four guys are becoming more and more popular. They’ve already shared bills with some legendary names such as The MONSTERS and The FUZZTONES. Plans are being made to play in Spain, Germany and the USA.
Their debut album contains 10 original songs and one José Feliciano cover called ‘If I Really Bug You’. It was recorded by ‘the legendary king of vintage recording’ EJ Kloosterboer at the Atomic Sound Farm Studio.

Their main influences are The BEATLES, The REMAINS, Motown, Simon & Garfunkel, Link Wray, The MOTIONS, Thee CYBERMEN and the ZOMBIES, so you can imagine that most of their songs are filled with great melodies, heavenly harmonies and up-tempo beats.


1.Try As I Might – (Arjan Spies)
2.Wait Forever – (Arjan Spies/Mark Wesseloo)
3.This Heart For Another – (Arjan Spies)
4.Another Chance – (Arjan Spies)
5.But I Do – (Arjan Spies)
6.Something’s Gotta Happen – (Arjan Spies)
7.Misery – (Arjan Spies)
8.Everything I Need – (Arjan Spies)
9.If I Really Bug You – (José Feliciano)
10.Be Patient – (Arjan Spies/Mark Wesseloo)
11.Money – (Arjan Spies/Mark Wesseloo)