V/A – Live & Jive Legends 2 (CD)

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We noticed there was a big demand for a second volume of the Live & Jive Legends compilation, since the release of volume 1, about 5 years ago. So, we gathered about 20, out of the many great bands that have played L&J to participate on this record.

We wanted to display the variety of styles that has made the Live & Jive international music festival famous.

You will of course find amazing rockabilly bands such as The Go Getters and Eddie & The Flatheads on this compilation, but also one of the best surf bands on the scene, The Barbwires. There is plenty of action on this compilation, punkrock legends The Accidents, and the insane international collaboration The Dragtones, featuring members from The Hives, and Fatboy will make sure of that! Not to mention the previously unreleased track by psychobilly legends Batmobile.

The record will be released during Live & Jive # 20 Festival in Katrineholm, Sweden February 24th 2012

Track listing:
1. The Ryan’s – Scrub Bucket (Tail Records)
2. Dusty Chance – Uh Huh (Wild Records)
3. The Round Up Boys – Race Track (P.C. Elbmusik)
4. The Domestic Bumblebees – No Loving Queen (Enviken Records)
5. The Barbwires – Roger Mohre’s Last Sigh
6. The Troubled Three – On The Radio – (Heptown Records)
7. Eddie & The Flatheads – Orangutang Juice (On The Hill Records)
8. Harmonica Sam – Up to date lover (Enviken Records)
9. Santos – Mrs. Kisses (Wild Records)
10. Mars Attacks – Rome wasn’t built in a day (Blue Lake Records)
11. Cherry Casino & The Gamblers – Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (P.C. Elbmusik)
12. The Go Getters – No brakes (Goofin Records)
13. The Dragtones – Tell Me Lies
14. The Wild Goners – Got What It Takes (Sleazy Records)
15. The Baboons – Drinkin Gasoline (Drunkabilly Records)
16. Hi Strung Ramblers – Lessons Learned (Wild Records)
17. Little Green Men – Pitch Black (BMI Claiborne Music)
18. The Montesas – Do The Slide (Tentacle Musikverlag A. Gramlich)
19. The Ryan’s – Don’t Go Limp On Me Baby (Tail Records)
20. The Turpentines – Take It Like A Man (MNW Music)
21. The Accidents – All Time High (Bootleg Booze Records)
22. Batmobile – Teenage Lobotomy

Released by Hep Cat Records (2012).