Curtains! – Deep In Night City (LP)

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Debut outsider manifesto here from Chicago night warriors CURTAINS!. ‘Deep In Night City’ is one eerie mind fuck. Held together by a rhythmic post punk (almost gothey) foundation, this sucker throbs and bobs with shambolic deathrock lucidity. A creepy, delirious landscape where wacked out sci-fi rhetoric, formaldehyde misanthropy and paranoid, clausterphobic dementia are all integral pieces of the puzzle. Creating eerie soundscapes for deranged punk mutants and twisted new wave vampires, CURTAINS! unsettlingly spews 12 crypttic cuts that’ll leave your skull in ruins. If your into stuff like the Electric Eels, Chrome, the Birthday Party, Gun Club or 45 Grave, you’ll be all over this fucker. Artwork by Ilth (Daily Void, Functional Blackouts). Released by Dead Beat Records.