Dead German – Vicious Repent (LP)

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All star line up on this fucker containing ex members of both Brimstone Howl and Digital Leather. Coming off more Brimstone Howl than Digital Leather, Dead German are an ugly sounding band. It’s all slashed riffs and barbed wire anthems just waiting to carve a whole in your head. There’s a consistently focused edge in what Dead German are doing throwing in the occasional melody only when it’s absolutely necessary. Overall just pure face melting, Fuzz Box overload that takes the trash rock aesthetic to a whole new apex of awesomeness. If you’re into shit like the Fatals, Reatards , Oblivians or classic Aussie stuff like the Onyas or Cosmic Psychos, consider this another speaker smoldering Rock N Roll burner that’s sure to rattle the walls. Released by Dead Beat Records.