Human Race – Negative (LP)

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Third sizzlin’ slab from these rotten degens from Rome. Human Race puke out street level Rock ‘n Roll with a fuck all attitude and hooks galore. Their sound is a molotov concoction of piercing late 70’s/early 80’s three chord Punk with jackhammer-leads, buzzing bouncy riffs and a snotty, spite filled singer that’s ready to vent. A lethal combination that’s worked for rabid first wavers like Eater, the Kids, PVC, PF Commando and the Vibrators, and I can’t think of a newer modern band that pulls it off better than these guys do. Lead screamer Enrico heads the charge with a foul-mouthed tongue and spit flying through the air as he rails about life’s peculiarities with an iron fist. Human Race play it fast ‘n hard and there’s a poppy punch to their melody, yet the songs still come off as snide and abrasive. Overall it’s just raw, snotty Rock ‘n Roll to the core, played fucked up and sneering the way Punk Rock was meant to be played. And it’s no surprise that Giuda’s founder Lorenzo Moretti produced this record as echos of his former Punk Rock rumble crew, TAXI, can be heard all over these brute energizing grooves. A full on snot-punk attack for mind bending, glue-sniffers everywhere. The LP includes an insert lyrics sheet.

Released by Dead Beat Records (2017).