Maniac – Dead Dance Club (LP)

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Second LP from one of our favorite Los Angeles punk bands Maniac! With echoes of everything from Cheap Trick to early Wire to The Dickies to modern-day greats like The Briefs; ‘Dead Can Dance Club’ hits that perfect blend of catchy ’77 punk and jittery new wave with a healthy heap of swirling power pop melodies. Their knack for mixing stuttering guitar riffs with big ‘ol catchy vocal hooks really works well here and considering this west coast supergroup features members of the Cute Lepers, Clorox Girls, Telephone Lovers, Rough Kids and LA Drugz, it’s not suprising that this one totally delivers. The LP includes a nice looking pull out two sided full color insert as well. Recommended.

Dirt Cult Records & Hovercraft (2018)