The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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Date: 20110101

Nottingham is outlaw country, any schoolboy will tell you that, and it is also home to The Hip Priests. More than a thousand years after the Robin Hood legend put Nottingham on the map The Hip Priests explode out of your speakers and rob you of your senses. The only difference is these guys have no intention of doing the ‘give to the poor’ malarkey — instead The Hip Priests will steal your wallet whilst fucking your missus.

If you like the idea of The Stooges on speed, early Damned on a meth-amphetamine binge, or the New York Dolls covering Motorhead in a cocaine frenzy, then you’ll love the Priests. You may even want to have sex with them after listening to Tight ‘N’ Exciting as they have a song for just that occasion. This is 12 songs of incendiary, sex fuelled, drug-addled debauchery. From the lurid opener “Cream Ma Jeans”, through the sexy as hell trio of “Teenage Friction”, “Fuck The Priests” and “I Love To Fuck”, to Tight ‘N’ Exciting’s climactic “Ass On Fire” and “Young Savage”, The Hip Priests are very clear as to their mission statement — they like songs about sex.

Frenetic guitar work reminiscent of Fast Eddie Clark from Fast Jimmy H.P. is matched by an incredibly tight rhythm section and topped off by chief screamer Gary X-Ray (who has since departed the band) — making The Hip Priests the absolute epitome of what dirty, sleazy rock n roll should be. Lemmy once said that if Motorhead moved in next door your lawn would die. If The Hip Priests moved in next door they would steal your lawn (and anything else you happened to have lying around) and sell it to pay for hookers.

The Hip Priests are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is obsessed with a faux bad boy image — these guys are the real deal. If you like your rock ‘n’ roll with dirt under its fingernails, with yesterday’s socks still lying on the carpet and with a mountain of cigarette butts about to cascade out of the beer can ashtray then Tight ‘N’ Exciting just might be the album you’ve looking for.
Written by: Hetfieldsmullet for Sleaze Rox

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