The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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Date: 20071107

In case you haven’t noticed, not all rock and roll sounds alike. The Hip Priests, have got it right. Joyously managing to offend the mainstreamers put it to the test of weeding out the real rockers with their raw attitude, dirty-garage tunes, and punka-style all with the tongue-n-cheek…uncensored.

Delivering up the three passions, these marauders sing only of what most cannot—drinkin’, fuckin’ and rockin’. Crammed with debaucherized fury, skin-tight adolescents may be reported missing as parents issue an Amber Alert after listening to this heavy-petted 12-song CD entitled, ‘Tight ‘N Exciting.’

Keeping with their previous theme from their last CD, ‘Numbers Of The Priests,’ these ex-members of The Divine Brown and The X-Rays station their songs with graduating claims from Turbonegro, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and The Ramones. However, don’t let these Brits fool you. These guys are nothing proper. Perfectly oversexed, automated hot hooks are nestled in explicably infectious choruses tailored for hip-shakin’ and knicker-removing. ‘Demon Hooker,’ opens up with metal rhythms implanted between the legs of morphined guitar riffs by Jimmy as Gary’s nasal-tight ‘Alice Cooper vocals’ remain highly melodic–going down to a hard stop.

“Grease Machine,’ chugs in with the registering lyrical passion for driving on the ol’ Harley. On queue, inserted high vocal back-ups keep with accordance to their whore-singing reputation. ‘F.T.P.,’ could very well be my favorite song. Starting with mid-tempo bass and drum, the tune is effectively slowed down just long enough to gain lyrical clarity in chorus unison with, “Everybody wants to fuck the priests.” So all hail recovering Catholics everywhere! There is also, ‘Hanging With The Boys,’ which rolls in on a slick, bass line–just loud enough for Gary’s charismatic nasal-verses to certify the metal riffs to encourage chap-ass-grabbing of your neighboring girlfriend’s ass.

Let me not forget two catchy and honorable mentions—‘Ass On Fire,’ and ‘Superwhore.’ ‘Ass On Fire’ has a great steady-throbbed rhythm and, ‘Superwhore,’ adds an extra measure of venom, to only spit out auctioning punk-n-roll riffs.

These dirty boys have successfully inserted an additional chapter of deliberate haughty lyrics with total personal freedom. This is a band I would love to experience live—because fun can never be wrong.
Written by: Jillian Abbene

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