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Boogie Hammer – …Rocks 7″ – New release

Boogie Hammer from Vienna delivers four tracks of the most catchy and uptempo punk rock ’n’ roll known to mankind. Your favorite band you never knew you needed.

Pressing information:

Total 500 copies

  • Regular version: black vinyl, 275 copies with standard sleeve.
  • Mailorder version: orange opaque vinyl, 150 copies with standard sleeve. (Only available through our mailorder)
    (The first 20 copies of the mailorder version comes with a handwritten lyric sheet by D. “Süpürgesi” Vacuum) (only one lyric sheet for each customer/order if you buy more then one copy).
  • Boozers Club Edition: sand-colored vinyl, 75 copies with standard sleeve. (Only available through our vinylclub)


Side A: 
A Little Bit Better 

Come On (Beriloche Baby)

Side B: 
Karanlik Yollar 
Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Still King 
Distributed by:
Sound Pollution Distribution (Sweden+international)
Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands + Belgium)
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The Accidents – All Time High LP repress is finally available again!

The Accidents - All Time High (LP vinyl, booze012, front sleeve, 500 copies)

2004’s most epic punk-rock release sees the light of day again!

These mythic Ayatollahs of rock n rolla still reign with this indisputable modern classic.

Once again after 18 years of pandemic this masterpiece is available again!

Release date: 2022-09-02

Pressing information:
First repress made in 500 copies totally:
325 copies on black vinyl
175 copies on gold vinyl (Bootleg Booze mailorder ONLY)

Contains a full-color printed insert.


Side A:
Her Last Dance
All Time High
Baby Come Home
Mean Mean Woman
Every Beat of My Heart
Kings of the Night

Side B:
Too Much to Drink
Dancing to the Beat
Last Sigh of Summer
Bad Money
(I’m Never Coming) Back to You
Pan-America (Originally by Hank Williams)

Order now!

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New release: Puffball – Death Rides the Night 7″

We are insanely proud to present our next release!
A band we have loved since day one, an obvious band in our bucket list. PUFFBALL!
As we longed for, Speed Punk Brilliance on two exclusive tracks!

A: Death Rides the Night
B: The Violent Ones

Pressing information:
Total 500 copies
– Regular version: black vinyl, 300 copies with standard sleeve.
– Mailorder version: clear red vinyl, 125 copies with standard sleeve. (Only available through our mailorder)
– Boozers Club Edition: lime/neon yellow-green transparent vinyl, 75 copies with standard sleeve. (Only available through our vinylclub)

Order now!

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Midlife Crisis – Samma Sak 7″ (Booze040)

Midlife Crisis - Samma Sak (7” vinyl, booze040, press, sleeve)

The ”boys” are back and are cranking out some catchy-as-hell tunes to cater to your punk rock needs.

This time around they deliver two originals and a UK Subs cover with swedish lyrics by Urrke.

This is the bands fourth EP and like the three previous ones it’s brought to you by Bootleg Booze Records. Play loud and play again, and again!

– Regular version: black vinyl, 400 copies with standard sleeve.
– Boozers Club Edition: black vinyl, 100 copies with die-cut sleeve with insert.
(Only available through our vinylclub)

Buy it here!

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NEW RELEASE – Out now! – The Empire Strikes – High Tide (LP, Booze039 / SM-031)

The Empire Strikes - High Tide (LP vinyl, booze039, product)

The Empire Strikes combines the past, present and future of rock n roll into one brilliant band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The band started in 2012 and after a couple of EPs, the debut album 1983 was released in March 2015 by Area Pirata Records. The album got great reviews and the band played sweat-soaked rock’n roll shows in Central Europe, Spain, Italy, The Baltics and Finland.

Now The Empire Strikes is ready to follow up on their critically acclaimed debut album with “High Tide”. Teaming up with Bootleg Booze Records (Europe)and Savage Magic Records (North America), “High Tide” is full of energy, killer melodies and original hooks. Shows across Europe have molded the unit into one mean machine ready to take the rocking world by storm! Sources close to the band are convinced:

“High Tide” will be a really good and solid rock album, the kind they used to make back in the day, you know, but with a fresh The Empire Strikes 2.0 signature soundscape!” 

Wall of vinylsThe Empire Strikes on the web:
» Website
» Facebook

The video for “All Hope Is Gone”.
The video for “Devils Gospel for the Wicked and the Rude”.

500 copies total.
– Regular version: 250 copies in natural transparent vinyl and 250 copies in transparent green vinyl.

Releasedate: 2017-02-17

Released together with Savage Magic Records (USA)

Distributed by:
Sound Pollution (Sweden + international)
Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands + Belgium).

(supporting Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons)
22.2.2017 Tampere, Klubi
23.2.2017 Jyväskylä, Lutakko
24.2.2017 Kouvola, House Of Rock
25.2.2017 Helsinki, Virgin Oil Co.

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CC Company – The Pat Benatar Cover Single (7″, Booze038)

CC Company - The Pat Benatar Cover Single (7” vinyl, booze038, press, sleeve)

It’s tough, it’s sweet and it’s CC Company at there best declaring their love for Pat Benatar with this classic rock cover single.

First off is “Heartbreaker”, this ballbusting chartbuster from -79 have NEVER rocked like this and the flipside has one of the best vocal combos you probably ever will hear in the stunning version of “Fire And Ice”. There is also fantastic guest appearances by Robert Pehrsson (Robert Pehrssons Humbuckers) and Maria Eriksson (Beast!). Both tracks are exclusive for this vinyl.

The band is still the same power-trio:
Joseph Tholl on vocals and guitar (Enforcer, Black Trip, Robert Pehrssons Humbuckers)Tobias Lindqvist on bass (Enforcer) and Jonka Anderssonon drums (Tribulation).

Once again they have recorded the tracks with Olle Granat in his studio.

The pressing will be in totally 500 copies.
– Regular version: 350 copies on trsp. red vinyl.
– Vinyl club version: 150 copies on black vinyl with a CC-Company “Heartbreaker” Tattoo.

Releasedate: 25th of November, 2016.

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Competition – Win Hard Action 7″ testpress and much more…

What can I win in this competition?

One winner will get these version of the Hard Action – Hands Dripping Red 7″ vinyl:


How can you win this awesome bundle?

It’s easy. Just take a photo of the Hard Action – Hands Dripping Red 7″ vinyl in your vinyl environment, on the beach, vacation house, in the car or whereever you feel like it. Yes, this mean that you need to have a version of the 7″ already.

The IMPORTANT THING is that you use BOTHhashtags #handsdrippingred and #bootlegboozeand post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

You can also email us the photo at info(a) and put #handsdrippingred and #bootlegbooze in the subject.

If you like you can tag the photo with @bootlegbooze – but that is optional.

Here can you find Bootleg Booze Records:

When will you announce a winner?

The winner of this bundle will be announced on our website, instagram, twitter and facebook on the 10th of April 2016. The competition ends 31 march 2016 and we will contact the winner directly in the beginning of April

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Hard Action – Hands Dripping Red (7″)

Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen. Rockers of all ages. We present to you the best band of tomorrow – today! With a solid foundation of 70’s rock and late 70’s punk, this Finnish 4-man unit are on a mission to fill a void and once again fuel rock with high energy. They are the soldiers with electric guitars, they are the defenders of the riff – they are Hard Action!

This summer the band released their debut album “Sinister Vibes” on Finnish label Svart Records that has received very good reviews.

We will release the band’s second dirty penetrating rock “n” roll single in February 2016. Two tracks that are buzzing of electricity and attitude. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The vinyl will be pressed in 500 copies on classic black vinyl and 100 copies of them will be for our vinyl club. The Boozers Club edition will have a different sleeve and be hand-numbered.

Listen to a track from the 7″ at Bandcamp:

Check them out on Facebook and bandcamp.

Hard Action will perform this weekend at the Svart Festival in Helsinki and Jyväskylä.

Check out:

The vinyl is distributed by Sound Pollution Distribution & Sonic Rendezvous.