CC Company - The Pat Benatar Cover Single (7” vinyl, booze038, press, sleeve)

CC Company – The Pat Benatar Cover Single (7″, Booze038)

It’s tough, it’s sweet and it’s CC Company at there best declaring their love for Pat Benatar with this classic rock cover single.

First off is “Heartbreaker”, this ballbusting chartbuster from -79 have NEVER rocked like this and the flipside has one of the best vocal combos you probably ever will hear in the stunning version of “Fire And Ice”. There is also fantastic guest appearances by Robert Pehrsson (Robert Pehrssons Humbuckers) and Maria Eriksson (Beast!). Both tracks are exclusive for this vinyl.

The band is still the same power-trio:
Joseph Tholl on vocals and guitar (Enforcer, Black Trip, Robert Pehrssons Humbuckers)Tobias Lindqvist on bass (Enforcer) and Jonka Anderssonon drums (Tribulation).

Once again they have recorded the tracks with Olle Granat in his studio.

The pressing will be in totally 500 copies.
– Regular version: 350 copies on trsp. red vinyl.
– Vinyl club version: 150 copies on black vinyl with a CC-Company “Heartbreaker” Tattoo.

Releasedate: 25th of November, 2016.

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