The Empire Strikes - High Tide (LP vinyl, booze039, product)

NEW RELEASE – Out now! – The Empire Strikes – High Tide (LP, Booze039 / SM-031)

The Empire Strikes combines the past, present and future of rock n roll into one brilliant band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The band started in 2012 and after a couple of EPs, the debut album 1983 was released in March 2015 by Area Pirata Records. The album got great reviews and the band played sweat-soaked rock’n roll shows in Central Europe, Spain, Italy, The Baltics and Finland.

Now The Empire Strikes is ready to follow up on their critically acclaimed debut album with “High Tide”. Teaming up with Bootleg Booze Records (Europe)and Savage Magic Records (North America), “High Tide” is full of energy, killer melodies and original hooks. Shows across Europe have molded the unit into one mean machine ready to take the rocking world by storm! Sources close to the band are convinced:

“High Tide” will be a really good and solid rock album, the kind they used to make back in the day, you know, but with a fresh The Empire Strikes 2.0 signature soundscape!” 

Wall of vinylsThe Empire Strikes on the web:
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The video for “All Hope Is Gone”.
The video for “Devils Gospel for the Wicked and the Rude”.

500 copies total.
– Regular version: 250 copies in natural transparent vinyl and 250 copies in transparent green vinyl.

Releasedate: 2017-02-17

Released together with Savage Magic Records (USA)

Distributed by:
Sound Pollution (Sweden + international)
Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands + Belgium).

(supporting Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons)
22.2.2017 Tampere, Klubi
23.2.2017 Jyväskylä, Lutakko
24.2.2017 Kouvola, House Of Rock
25.2.2017 Helsinki, Virgin Oil Co.

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